Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey guys this is my first S.A.C article so bear with me. If there is one type of music I love it is Dubstep!! I have always loved Dubstep ever since I was introduced to it by another fellow UB student named Hayden Rainey.

One thing I have come to realize is that not everyone feels the same about Dubstep as I do, with its bass drops, lack of words, and computerized sounds. However, I also feel like if you give it a chance you can find a Dubstep song that you enjoy.

Well anyway a point that I want to get across is, believe it or not, that you can relate Dubstep to life!! Yes, it is possible but you are going to have to bear with me like I said before.

O.k. to start I am going to explain a little about how a Dubstep song is put together. First, it starts out relatively normal (for a Dubstep song). Then, out of nowhere it drops off and stops. You almost feel like the song is over, and just when you think all hope is lost the song starts back up into something way more fantastic than ever before. “How does this relate to life?” you may ask, well let me tell you. Suppose you’re walking down the road of life and everything is going pretty good when, BAM! You hit something and it stops you. This thing, this obstacle is blocking your way. You power through this tragedy and get to the other side, your spirits lift and now you feel better than ever before. Life is awesome!

So, my point is that you’re going to have those bad times, and you honestly feel like you should just give up. However, if you just power through, you “just keep swimming”, you never, ever, ever give up. I promise you, it will get better. Then if you get through it, the other side will be way more fantastic than you could have ever hoped.

“Keep calm and Dubstep on.”

-Lucas Raymond, Sophomore SAC Member

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