Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Won't Be Bacon For Anybody!

                I’m sure that title caught your eye (otherwise you wouldn't be reading the words you are reading at this very point in time...I kind of just went Inception on you right there). So anyway, now that I have your undivided attention let me drop a little bit of advice on you.
                First things first, where did I come up with that title? Well, if you didn’t know, this year my school’s Drama Club is performing Charlotte’s Web and I got the role of Wilbur. For those of you that don’t know, Wilbur is a pig that is born the runt of his litter. Because he is small and weak, Mr. Arable (the farmer) thinks the best thing to do is kill Wilbur, but Mr. Arable’s daughter Fern thinks otherwise. She convinces her dad to let Wilbur live, and after some time Wilbur is shipped to a neighboring farm that belongs to the Zuckermans, where he meets the intelligent and loving Charlotte, a gray spider.
                Right off the bat, Charlotte cares for Wilbur. When the other farm animals tell Wilbur and Charlotte that he’s being fattened up so he can be turned into bacon, Wilbur attempts to escape and screams “I WON’T BE BACON FOR ANYBODY!” Of course Wilbur doesn’t escape, but his line stuck with me. In less literal terms, Wilbur means he won’t become what others want him to become. I believe this is an important lesson in life, because we are each born original, but sometimes the people in our lives try to change us into something different (and not for the better).
                So my small piece of advice to you is to stay true to yourself. The only type of change you should allow is change that will make you a better person. I know it’s tough, but it will pay off in the end.
                Also, long story short, Charlotte helps save Wilbur’s life, which is a great example of the type of people you should surround yourself with. Charlotte saves Wilbur’s life, and Wilbur saves Charlotte’s children. True friends will help each other no matter what and will do what is best for their friends. So, do not only be friends with those who will do anything for you and keep you on the straight and narrow, also be the friend that will do the same.

-Korbin Jones, Senior SAC Member

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