Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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I normally would talk about some revelation I've recently had or a truth that came to light, but truthfully I don't have anything. Instead I would like to use my dominate powers of typing a S.A.C articles and having the students of Upwards Bound read 5 lines then quit. So i have devised a clever scheme to keep you all interested, if I haven't already lost you. In every paragraph I'm going to leave a random word somewhere and the words will, at the end, reveal some ancient wisdom to you.

Since I joined Upward Bound 3 years ago I have noticed something different about the people. Maybe it is the close proximity we share for 5 weeks in the summer or maybe its the good nature of some *ahem Trevor Luke* that is infectious to others. JOEL. I personally think it is a mixture of both with some other factors important to harmony. Some of these would be tolerance, kindness, respect, helpfulness, and friendliness.Without these Upward Bound wouldn't be the same.

Now I'm sure we all realize the differences between school and Upward Bound, but for the sake of this article's length I will name them. The people aren't very judging. They are accepting of most everything. I find this to be a noble quality in everyone because it is the most commonly forgotten quality. SCROGGIE How many people have been talked about behind their back or been made fun of? A dark topic, I know, but think, to your knowledge has this happened at Upward Bound? I don't believe it has.

Upward Bound is kind of like a safe haven for people, none are judged and everyone accepts each other. Friendships like these are ones that last forever. I mean, most everyone has gotten a hug from Katrina, and if not, you are really good at hide and go seek, but just that simple hug or hugs from anyone when the Saturday session is over, is nice. IS I'm not trying to force anyone to give or accept hugs, all I'm saying is the thought is touching. It says to me, "I missed you and I'm so glad we get to see each other again." I know this may be a bit soppy for some of you, Jared, but even the smallest head bob can say the same thing.

I think of the people at Upward Bound, my friends, (I consider all of you my friends, yes even you Kim) and it makes me want summer session to come soon. I cannot wait to spend time with you all. In the summer, the students show who they really are and we all have fun. Returners, remember when the Bridgees staged an assualt on us upon our return? I'm not sure they found all those nerf darts. I can't speak for what happened the last night in the girls wing, but I know we had fun in the boy's wing.  TALL All of my memories from Upward Bound are fond and I wonder what I would have been like if I had not been in Upward Bound. The point is I would not trade those memories for anything and I hope to see you all this summer and at the rest of the Saturday sessions. Also even though Christian Martinez is now in UBMS we CAN still associate with him and have fun. Best wishes!
-Ethan Calfee, Junior SAC Member

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